First of all Happy holidays! It's great to have another year with you here on the blog, I'm excited to explore another year of more learning and fun makeup tips. This week on the blog we are talking about holiday 2023! I'm super pumped to bring you some looks and ideas. I've been scouring the internet, picking up the latest Cosmo's, and I've found some fun trends for your next holiday party look-book.


Metallic Eyes

This trend is always flowing into new directions, with all the blogs written by Ai now a days, I'm going to break this down the good ole fashioned way, with some personal experience... You can use any metallic shade on the lid as long as you blend it. In fact, when I worked at MAC one of the sayings we used to live by was, "if its glittery it goes on the lid" which can translate to any color. I would recommend using your bronzer in the crease area to keep it blended and wearable no matter what color you use. You can also create the perfect metallic shade for your skin tone which you can do right here at my lab in St Charles, Il; Or we can do it virtually, and it can be shipped to you. Check out more and how to get your very own shade you can click here and learn about the experience! 

Another fun brand I've really been enjoying lately is Rabanne, I have a couple of these mini palette's and I love to apply them with my brushes and my fingers. Both are richly pigmented and they blend really well. I found them at my local Ulta, but I dont think they have them at all the stores, so you might have to look around for it, but it's well worth it! 

Frosted Highlight with Matte Lips

This is one of my faveorite Holiday Trends, but all in all this is my faveorite glam look of all time also. The color combinations are endless, and this look translates well on all skin tones. For this look you can custom make your own matte lipstick shade with me. You know what they say dont you? If you give the girl the right shade of lipstick she can take over the world. Once you get your lipstick shade down, its easy to find eyeshadows and blushes to match your look. 


The Flip Flop Trend 

This is a little tricky to pull off, and definitely outside the box for some of us. I've seen this done with opposite colors as well, which looks really cool! If you want to try the opposite trend, just check out the color wheel and grab colors from the opposite ends... black and white, yellow and purple, green and red, any of these could be fun! 

You can also custom make some beautiful highlighting shades to go with any of the looks above, that's another great way to wear makeup a little easier for you. Taking the guess work out of what colors you should use on your skin tone can be a game changer. So, why not make your own custom shade with a professional to get you going in the right direction, right? 

The Latte Look 

I also like to call list look the monochrome look. We've been using looks like these for bridal, and runway for years. There is something to be said about the perfect cafe shades for each skin tone. This can easily be done by using the correct complimentary shades, first you need to find out if you're a cool or warm shade. If you're not sure how to do that, book a color theory consultation with me! I'll show you exactly what to do, and do a color analysis on you that creates a chart of perfect shades for your skin tone and your wardrobe. 

The Statement Eye 

This beauty was created by the amazing Patrick Ta for an awards gala, but this can definitely be recreated by you at home! Its a little tricky, but once you get the hang of working with jewels you'll be unstoppable! I would do my face first as well as a simple shadow, then grab some beautiful jewels to place on my lids in a cut crease action. Using a small dot of eyelash glue to keep the jewels in place. 

Statement Red Lips 

This is a lot easier to achieve if you know your colors. Using a cool tone red on cool tone skin is really where you'll pull it off. Having a warm based red on a cool tone skin base is often where we see errors with the color balance. Knowing your colors is key to this look. I also often will tell my clients to pull off a nice bold red keeping the rest of your look light and bright will help. Opt for a neutral highlighter and use that all over the lids with some lashes for a pop in the eye area. Don't forget to define those beautiful brows of yours as well, using your natural features will create a beauty look that suites you. 

Which look is your favorite for holiday!? 


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