Ok, I'll admit it, I haven't seen the Barbie movie yet, but I want to SOOO BAD. In fact, I've tried to go at least 2 times and the theaters around us were pretty sold out unless I wanted to sit in the front row, which as we know that's not the easiest seat in the house. 
Maybe by the time this blog goes live I'll get to see it. I'm Barbie obsessed anyway, however, all the buzz around this movie inspired me to create my very own Barbie Pink lip color. You can come make one too! Pick your favorite shades of pink to create the best Barbie color for your skin-tone. I'll blend it for you and melt and pour it just like in the video, and you'll leave with your unique custom-blended shade! 
Click here to see how I created 930 w Main, our newest Pink to our already large and growing custom blend colors. 

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